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8 things that MailChimp could change in 2014

12 March 2014 by in category About the web, Posts

Few weeks ago, I have received an email from MailChimp which asked me to answer to a survey about my usage of their tools and my suggestions about ameliorating MailChimp’s platform. In my opinion it is a great oportunity to participate to fix some problems in my daily usage of this great tool. Working with […]

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MailChimp, you should improve it

12 June 2011 by in category About the web

MailChimp is one of my preferred tools. I send many campaigns every month and this is the best tool I have fond to smartly do this. Although Mailchimp provides many great functions in order to respond to each usage, there is always some limitations and I have decided to write this article in order to […]

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Google Page Speed Online

20 May 2011 by in category About the web

Just a short news to show you a very useful tools built by Google: Google Page Speed Online. Google gives strong attention to the pages loading speed on all websites he shows in his search results. Reduce the time to load a specific page is the better way to benefit of the best exposition on […]

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Send html email with Mailchimp and Drupal

10 April 2011 by in category About the web

It is my first attempt to write a story in English on this blog. Feel free to comment if my syntax is wrong or not understandable. For 6 months ago I was beginning to work with Drupal in my professional environment. One of my goals was to provide the best newsletters showing Drupal templated contents. […]

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